Monday, November 24, 2014


Last winter was really rough for me emotionally. The year had already been hard for me but during December and January it seemed that the little bit in my life that was hanging on as good crumbled and fell apart with the rest of my life.

I spent full weeks inside.
I was extremely depressed.
I was hurting.
I wanted to run away to a place where no one knew me.
My life was a complete mess.

And then the van broke, and the furnace broke, and the van broke again, then the car decided to break, my marriage was a joke and we found out Mike no longer qualified for unemployment. 

Nothing went right during December and January of last year.

Fast forward to today...

I find myself having a lot of anxiety as December approaches. I am in a much better place than I was a year ago but I still find myself wanting to run. What if this winter is a repeat of last winter!? I don't think I can handle it again.

I know that running and hiding is not the answer but I still find myself retreating from life just a little bit... trying to stay safe. Trying to make sure my heart doesn't get hurt like it did a year ago.

The truth is I am afraid... and that fear is causing me a lot of anxiety.

Please pray for me friends.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jake and Sarah ~ Married!

After all the rainy, windy, too-cold-to-be-outside weddings this year I was extremely excited that my last wedding landed on a gorgeous day!

Jake and Sarah got married under a park pavilion and the celebration followed in the barn across the road. I loved the day, the details and the couple.  Sarah and Jake were laid back, relaxed and a lot of fun! Their cake cutting was the most entertaining that I have ever experienced!

This wedding was a great way to end another successful season of wedding photography. :)

Congrats Jake and Sarah!












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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Song - You Make Me Brave

I first heard this song back in September at a conference I went to. I forgot about it until I heard it on the radio yesterday. I love it. And it is a song my heart desperately needs right now as God has called me into situations that are far beyond my own abilities.

He is for me.
His love crashes over me.
He makes me brave.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Throughout this week I have been sharing experiences about my weekend retreat.
I got lost on the way but made a friend.
I was challenged to be a dangerous woman.
I was convicted about my lack of trust in God.
I detoured to Fallingwater on my way home and was amazed.

And then came my trip home. I punched my address into my GPS and left Fallingwater for an hour and a half drive home. I was tired. My heart was refreshed. I missed my family.

I was driving through the mountains, enjoying the scenery. As I came to the top of one mountain I looked out at the enormous view and there it was! The cross! The same cross that I had stood beneath just the day before. The same cross that looks out over the towns below.


I had drove away from Jummonville and the cross... yet there I was, several miles away and the cross came into view for just a moment.

And that's when I thought...

We go through peaks and valleys in life. We go through times where we can really sense the presence of God in our lives. We can see evidence of him. We can feel his love, comfort and guidance. In those times it seems like my time at camp... God... the cross... always in view.

But then we hit a valley. A hard time. A dark time. A time where we might not so easily see the cross and the evidence of God in our lives. A time where we might question who God is... if he sees us... if he cares...  if he loves us. A time where we just don't feel his love and comfort like we used to.

But even in those times... just like the cross at Jumonville... God is there. God is still standing. And God is still being who he said he is and doing what he said he would do.

God is constant.

Even when we don't see God in our lives, he is there. He sees us and he knows us.
And he cares.

Even when everything in life crumbles and falls... the cross still stands firm. 

Even when we can't see the cross... trust that the cross is there... just as powerful as when we are standing below it humbled and amazed by the love of our Father.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 
~Hebrews 13:8

Thursday, November 13, 2014


It has had my interest for a while now but we have never gone because of the cost. $27/person... well that adds up quickly and we weren't really sure we wanted to spend that kind of money just to tour a house.

However, last Friday while driving to my retreat I saw a sign for Fallingwater... 15 miles. I figured since I was alone it wouldn't feel like it cost so much and decided that I would find it on my way home.

You guys!!!!

It was so worth it! And I am regretting doing it alone instead of with Mike because he would love it and now we'll have to go back so he can see it!

Ok... you are probably wondering at this point... What is Fallingwater Laura!?!?!?

This is Fallingwater...


It is a house that sits on a waterfall in the middle of the woods. It. is. AMAZING!

The house was designed by famous architect Frank Llyod Wright in the late 1930s for the Kauffmann family. The story is that the Kaufmann's wanted a rustic cabin in the woods and ended up with Fallingwater! Their budget that they started with was $30k. They ended up spending $150k in the end. Yikes! A little over budget!

But what a house!

I wish we were allowed to take photos inside! The stone floors. The walls. The windows. The views! The insane amount of balconies and outdoor spaces. You can walk down steps in the living room to get to the top of the waterfall. Two spring-filled swimming pools. The fireplace! Oh! The fireplace!

If I had a home like Fallingwater I don't think I would ever want to leave!


I have toured a lot of mansions in my travels but nothing compares to Fallingwater. It's a one-of-a-kind. You'll never see another house like it!


I went along on the hour-long tour and just stood amazed... like all the others in my group. It truly is a creative work of genius and if I ever find myself near another building designed by Frank Llyod Wright I'll make sure to stop and visit. 


And if you ever find yourself near Fallingwater... GO! Spend the money. Be amazed.


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