Saturday, February 14, 2009

God hears our prayers

Today we got to go to an indoor water park and it was loads of fun. At the end of the day I was sitting with my friend while we waited for our husbands to finish up with one more slide that they wanted to go on. While waiting, a mom asked us if we had seen her boy walk by. She told us he was five and wearing spiderman shorts and sandals. He had wandered off. We told her we hadn't seen him and she let us know that she was going to walk around the park and asked if we saw him would we have him stand by us until she got back.

The woman made her way around and we hadn't seen the boy. By now she was looking worried and I don't blame her a bit. She went looking some more. I decided to say a little prayer that God help us find the little boy. Right after that I looked up and I noticed a little boy and he was wearing the spiderman stuff! I couldn't believe it! In a huge park with tons of people God helped me spot the little boy that I had never seen before! And I couldn't even see clear because I didn't have my glasses or contacts on.

God heard my prayer and answered... immediately. And the boy was then safe with his family. It was so amazing to be used by God in that way and to have such a quick answer to my prayer. I am so glad that he used me to help that family.

Don't forget to pray!!!

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