Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It could have been a looong night....

... but it wasn't!!

Around 10:00 Liza woke up crying a really whiny cry so Mike went to check on her. She just kept crying and told us her belly hurt. She was coughing and didn't look good at all. I was sure that the puke was on it's way so we sat in the bathroom because it's about the only uncarpeted space in the house.

Things weren't looking or sounding good.

So I sat with Liza and talked to her about God and how he heals us and then we prayed a simple prayer asking God to make her belly better. And right away Liza started to feel better. She stopped crying and settled down.

But she kept coughing a little and her breathing sounded rough... like stuff was draining down her throat instead of out of her nose.

So we prayed for her throat and her breathing and before we even said amen she was fine.... and two seconds later she was laughing and being normal Liza again.

It was such a sweet moment that we got to share. What could have been a really long night was over in five minutes. God is cool like that. We are loved. He hears our prayers and answers us. Liza and I hugged and rocked a little longer while talking about God and how much he loves and that we need to believe in Him. That God is our healer and he cares about us and wants to take care of us. I love that I get to teach her these things.

When we were done I put her back in bed and she fell asleep. When she woke up this morning she was still fine.

Thank you God!

Don't forget to pray... about EVERYTHING!

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