Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jason's Birthday

Jason turned one year old this past Friday.

I'm not real big on doing parties for kids that aren't old enough to remember them so we just did something small. We also don't have a lot of relatives nearby so it is really easy to keep things small. Mike's family came over for dinner and some fun time with Jason... and Liza of course. We cooked up some meatball subs. Yum!

Jason was super cute... as always. But he's getting cuter and cuter every day. More personality. More talking. He's getting smarter by the minute!

After dinner we had dessert. I also don't like the whole mess that comes with babies and cake so we skip that. Instead for first birthdays we do mini blueberry muffins.

Jason thought they were pretty yummy!

Then we did the presents. Liza was pretty upset that the presents weren't for her. She cried a bit. Then she tried to be sneaky and open them when we weren't really paying attention.

We probably should have just let Liza open Jason's wrapped presents because he didn't really care about them. You would think that a kid would love tearing paper. Nope. Wasn't interested. Once the presents were all open though he did enjoy playing with them and dancing to their music. Sometimes though I think the rest of us enjoy figuring out the toys more than the kids do!

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