Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jason's One Year Photo Shoot

We did a little photo shoot of Jason today. I don't take the kids to get professional pictures done. Instead I just try to get a decent one by myself. Liza was much easier to get pictures of. I don't know why... she just was. She would always look at the camera or be doing something REALLY cute. Photogenic little girl.... until she realized that she could just be stubborn and not look at the camera any more.

Jason is a different story. I sit him where I want him for the picture and he just gets up and walks to me. Never gives me enough time to get a good picture. So it's been a challenge and I have actually considered taking him to a studio somewhere and letting them deal with it haha. I don't want Jason to complain like I do... about being the second child and not having any where near as many pictures as the first. (I still love you mom and dad. I know it's tough with two small ones.)

But we did ok with pictures today. He is always looking up and never at me because Mike has to stand behind me and do stupid things to get his attention. Oh well... I think these turned out decent enough and I won't have to be spending my money to pay someone else to get an ok picture.

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