Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Potty Training Progress Report

It has been just over two weeks since we started potty training Liza. Even though we aren't where I would like to be... Liza going to the potty, pulling her own pants down, sitting on the potty, going, pulling her pants back up, washing her hands all on her own.... we have come a long way.

If I put Liza on the potty every hour we can get through the day with only one or two accidents. That's pretty good I guess. I should be happy. Although it is a lot of work and I would rather have her tell me when she had to go.

We have tried all kinds of incentives. We have tried diapers, pullups and big girl undies. It doesn't seem to matter what she is wearing. We have been trying EVERYTHING... just hoping to find that one thing that will REALLY get her motivated.

The other day something came in the mail and it had a Steeler sticker on it. Liza wanted it and Mike was smart. He told her after she peed on the potty she could have the sticker. And Liza... being as smart as she is decided to get on that right away. She said "gotta go!" and ran to the bathroom and went. And then she got her Steeler sticker. Who would have thought stickers would be the answer! She gets stickers twice a day anyways.... but I guess she wants more.

So now we have some stickers in the bathroom and every time she pees she gets a new one to wear on her hand... which only survives about five minutes before she rips it up. It's her way of playing with stickers. And I can handle the mess of stickers every where in the house if it will get her going on the potty!

Since we got going with the stickers she is doing better. Today she told us four times now that she had to pee and actually DID pee. Wow! I'm amazed. I should have tried stickers from the start! I hope this is a turning point in the training and that I will no longer have to ask her every fifteen minutes if she has to pee.

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