Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today was Liza's last day of swim lessons. It was family day so we got to take Michael and Jason along. Liza was a blast as always and showed everyone how good she can splash. :) We sing The Wheels on the Bus at swim lessons and it has become her favorite song. She asks me to sing it ALL THE TIME now.

Jason didn't seem to mind the water. He wasn't very enthusiastic, but he didn't complain either. He is getting a tooth so he just kind of hung out with his entire fist in his mouth the whole time. Of course he was super cute in his swim shorts that were way too big.

I'm debating if I want to sign Liza up again for the next cycle of swim lessons. If I did I would sign Jason up as well. But I also saw in the schedule at the YMCA some Child/Parent gymnastic classes. I think Liza would enjoy something like that a lot. She loves doing somersaults and dancing and spinning and getting dizzy. She has a ton of energy so maybe I should sign her up for something like that instead. I only have a few days to decide.

I wish all these fun programs didn't cost extra money on top of membership. If they were free we would do them all!

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