Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That was refreshing!

I feel like we have been in the house sooo much lately. With the kids being sick last week we had to stay in. And since we are going away this weekend I didn't want to risk them getting sick again so we have avoided other people. I know that sounds ridiculous but Mike and I are leaving the kids at my parents for THREE DAYS and that is worth being ridiculous about! So don't judge. :)

It's over 50 degrees today and the ice and snow have melted off the road so I got the kids dressed and we headed outside for a stroll up and down the road. We loved it! It was so refreshing to get outside and walk and not be freezing. Liza was super cute... as always. She kept saying "I takin' a walk. I takin' a walk." And she was telling me what everything was. She can't wait till Daddy comes home and she can tell him what we did.

Jason just chilled in the stroller. I was going to let him walk too until I realized that I don't have any shoes for him. I guess it's time to invest in a pair of sneakers... and another monkey backpack.

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