Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I really want...

A few months ago I still needed to lose a bit of the weight that I gained while pregnant with Jason and I was having a hard time getting motivated so Mike and I made a deal. We live on a pretty tight budget and were using all extra to pay off our debt (which is now done!!!) and now the extra goes in to savings for a house. That doesn't leave us a whole lot of money for extra things right now.

Well the deal we made was that for every pound I lost I would get $10. I get paid soon and last time I weighed I had earned $210! :) Only four pounds from my goal weight.

My plan is to use this money to treat myself to a weekend alone. Most people think I am crazy for wanting to go alone... but I love time to myself and once kids come along it is a hard thing to get. But for me... a weekend of not having to think of any one but myself, eating and sleeping when I want and not having to stop my day for a kids nap or bedtime... that sounds GREAT!

I've been thinking though... what I REALLY want is a few days alone on a beach. The warm sun. Some good books. But I don't think my $210 will stretch that far. :( By the time I pay for a plane ticket somewhere, transportation, hotel and food.... that adds up.

So I guess I will be sticking with my original plan to get a cheap hotel and use the extra for a massage... a good massage is almost as good as a day on the beach.

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