Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 2 Sunrise

My second morning.

This was an interesting morning. I was alone. Watching the sunrise. Enjoying it... when I was approached by a guy (he was 37) and his dad. The younger guy says "We decided we aren't going to pass anyone on the beach this morning without finding where they are from." Ok. So I said "I'm from Pennsylvania." Go figure... so where they.... from Pittsburgh. That's my area. So of course they stopped to talk.... and they never moved on hahaha.

I didn't really mind though. The guy was a little weird and his dad was just quiet... cute old man haha. Guy did most of the talking.... on and on about how they just moved to Daytona from Pittsburgh about two weeks ago. Dad retired. Trying to find their life down there now. Guy ran away from home from when he was 17-21 but he's back with his family now and things are good. He loves his dad. God is awesome. Look at this sunrise. He's envious of the birds because they can fly and he can't. Doesn't think it's fair. Burned his leg on his motorcycle. He wants to go to the nude beach a few miles down the road. Don't worry... Guy won't shove God down your throat... he will just talk about Him some. He said so himself. Wants to buy that empty hotel there on the corner and turn it in to the most hip place on the beach. On and on and on.... Until the sun was up.

I just laughed. It was all a bit bizarre. But once again the sunrise was pretty sweet!!

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