Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An easy way to help...

I've been attending a women's Bible study at Community Alliance Church and I've really been enjoying it. There are a lot of really great women that attend, ranging in age. One of my favorite things is that once a month instead of our regular Bible study we have missionary week. We get to have brunch and then sometimes there is a woman missionary that comes and shares with us about her work. And other times we work on the stamp ministry.

People save their used stamps that come in the mail.

During our Bible study time we trim the paper and sort them into different categories.

They then get sent to a place in Florida that heads up the ministry. The stamps are sold (I have no idea who buys used stamps! But they do.) And the money raised from the stamps is used to buy Sunday school materials for places in Central and South America.

Watch this video and consider saving your stamps! If you see me you can just pass them to me and it won't cost you a thing to help out!!

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