Monday, March 16, 2009


I signed Liza up for a mommy and me gymnastics class at the YMCA. We've gone twice now and it's pretty cute! The ages in the class are 2-4 and it's just some really basic, foundational things.

Liza has never before been in a structured class so it's totally a new thing for her. The first night she was a little crazy. The whole concept of standing in line and waiting your turn and following the teacher were all new things for her. So compared to a lot of the other kids... the ones that stood in line real good and listened to everything and sat when they were supposed to and rolled when they were told to, etc.... compared to that Liza seemed pretty wild. Even though she wasn't being defiant or outright disobedient. Just didn't understand how everything worked in her new setting.

I spent the week before her second class practicing all her "new moves" with her and reminding her that when we go to gymnastics class that Miss Kristy is the boss and she needs to follow her. The "practice" paid off. In her second class Liza listened much better, waited better, and tried everything that the "boss" told her to do.

And to make it even better... all those kids that seemed to behave so well the first class were the ones that were out of control this time. :) One mom even decided to just leave and take her kid home. So I felt a little bit better knowing that all the kids have their moments and I won't be the only mom that from time to time has to take her kid to the bleachers for a little time out before joining the group again.

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