Thursday, March 26, 2009


We missed Liza's gymnastics class last week because I was in Florida. But we got back this week and Liza was as cute as usual! Mike decided to come along this time which was perfect because I gave him my camera to use. :) He really enjoyed watching Liza too.

The class starts out with a little warm up... just going through an obstacle course which includes a slide, some things to crawl through and some hoola hoops on the ground to jump in. Liza goes crazy and loooves the slide. She usually stops to go down it twice each time around instead of only once.

Miss Kristy helps the kids with their somersaults. Liza is actually really good at them but they are trying to teach the basic fundamentals of gymnastics... so they want the kids to start in a gymnastics stand, then squat stand, then pike stand... then roll. Liza just likes to roll. We try.

Then in to a little bit of stretching. Liza does really well with this as long as I don't sit too close to her. She listens to Miss Kristy much better than she listens to me. She knows the teacher is the boss during the classes.

Some rocking. She tries. It's cute.

All the kids get to take a turn on the balance beam. Liza rocks. She's good and has good balance. Which is hard to believe because she is such a clumsy kid.

And here she is doing her bear crawl. They have all kinds of different jumps and walks that they have the kids do... Liza does this one best.... while growling.

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