Monday, March 23, 2009

My sister came to visit!

I have two sisters. They both live in Tampa. FL... so being that I was only about two hours away I invited them to come see me on my last day in Daytona. Linda was very pregnant and due in only a week so she opted to stay home. I don't blame her. I would have done the same! (She had her baby on Sunday!!)

Lisa was able to get the day off and she came and spent it with me. It worked out perfectly. She got there mid-morning and we went and got some lunch. Then we decided to rent the chairs and umbrella on the beach and were planning to spend the afternoon sitting in the sun, relaxing and catching up. It was a good plan until around 2:00 when it got really windy, cold and cloudy.

Really... we were freezing. Goosebumps. It was the first time for each of us to be at the Atlantic Ocean (Lisa's first time at any ocean... lots of time for both of us in the gulf though)... so we decided we HAD to go in. It was freezing. We got about half way in and decided that was far enough.

After that we sat wrapped in our towels like idiots because we paid for those chairs and we were getting our money's worth!!! We had to put the umbrella down because it was likely that it would blow away if we didn't. We didn't need the shade anyways because the clouds were doing that for us.

After freezing on the beach we headed back to the hotel and relaxed there until dinner time. We took a nice walk, found an IHOP, had some dinner. Then we just strolled the beach... which was empty because it was so cold and windy. Stopped in a few shops. Just enjoyed our time together. There was a store that made salt water taffy.... the best thing ever was that instead of just buying a box of it and being surprised with the flavors, we got to fill our own bags which meant we only got the kinds we liked. Genious!

I'm really glad that Lisa was able to come visit! I miss her! And Friday was the best day because had she not come I probably would have spent a lot of time in my hotel reading and relaxing... which would have been ok with me. But I was in FLORIDA! It was good to have someone to venture outside with... even though it was cold and windy. Made a nice ending to my little vacation. (Not to mention a ride back to the airport which saved me from having to spend $15 on a taxi again!

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