Thursday, March 5, 2009

New shoes

We decided it was time to get Jason some shoes so that we could take him for walks outside now that the weather is getting nicer. We went to Payless last night and got his feet measured... size 5. We got him a pair of sneakers and put them on when we got home and he HATED them! He wouldn't walk. Just cried.... like "how could you do this to me mom!?"

We thought maybe he was just tired so we took them off and tried again this morning. Same thing.

We tried holding his hands to get him to walk and he would just go limp. Then he would stand and walk REALLY funny.... crying the whole time. It was actually hilarious. We just left the shoes on him and after about an hour he got the hang of it and was ok. Good enough to go for a walk outside this evening.

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