Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Pier

I arrived at Daytona Beach, Florida late afternoon on Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and I was happy! Since I was alone I didn't need to ask anyone else what they wanted to do. :) I think that was the best part. I am a planner and when I do things with other people it's just kind of automatic for me to step in to that role and get things going. I really enjoyed doing ONLY what I wanted, WHEN I wanted.

I decided to walk down the beach and see what was around. I wasn't too far from the Pier so I grabbed my camera and began my stroll. The sun was beginning to set and a lot of people were heading in to get ready for their night of partying... it was St. Patrick's Day. So that left the beach quiet and calm and peaceful. (Complete opposite of the night! It got a bit loud.)

I usually only take photos of people... it's what I do best so I stick with it. But I really enjoying having something different to shoot this trip. I took a gazillion photos of "stuff" just trying to learn by doing and seeing what I came up with. I don't think I got much better because I don't have that creative eye. I'm trying to train my eyes to see differently but I think it will take a looong time. But I have a looong time left on this earth... so maybe some day I will be better.

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