Saturday, March 14, 2009


We've been doing a lot of changes in this house. The kids are growing and always leaving one stage and entering another.

In the past few weeks both Liza and Jason have done an awesome job of "growing up".

Jason is no longer using bottles. It's all milk and sippy cups now. I don't even know if he realized we changed things up on him.

Jason also went to having only one nap instead of two. This is my favorite change and I am sooo happy that it came before Mike went back to work. When Jason was taking two naps I felt like I was trapped at home all day... because if the kids miss their naps then no one is happy. We have a good routine going and it works for all of us and I really don't like to mess it up unless I have to. But Jason went to one nap without a problem. Now the kids are on the same exact schedule all day long... and my day seems to have a lot more hours in it to do things now.

Liza got her big girl bed.... or as she says her "girl big bed". She only fell out once and that was the first night. Ever since she sleeps like champ. And she stays in bed when she wakes up until I go in and get her. What a good girl!!!

Liza also got moved up to an older class in church. They separate the kids by age and use the school cutoff to determine what class the kids go in. Because Liza's birthday is at the end of September she didn't get to go with the two year olds. But just last week they bumped a few kids up and Liza did really great. Her room no longer has a slide in it but she gets to do crafty things and learn her Bible stories. :)

We bought Jason a front facing carseat and that will go in soon. I think he will be just fine with it too. I'll be able to separate the seats in the van and Liza won't be able to reach him to pick on him anymore.

I love the stages that my kids are in... but I also love to see them grow, and learn and cope with the changes that come with life. They are both strong kids.

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