Monday, May 18, 2009

Bible in a Year

Last July (I think) I started reading through the Bible in a Year. I did it because at the time I had no motivation to sit down and read my Bible. I didn't know how to get back in to it again, where to start. So I picked up a Bible in a Year Bible and started with that days date.

Having a set bit of scripture to read each day was really helpful for me. I knew what I needed to read and I knew how much I was going to read. I stuck with it off and on... but it has helped me develop a discipline. Now I hate missing my reading for the day. On January 1 this year I decided to get serious about it... not because I think I will be a better Christian if I read through the whole Bible in a year and not because I might go to hell (being sarcastic here!) if I miss a day. It has nothing to do with being religious. It was just something I needed to and wanted to do for me.

I have to admit that I thought I would get real bored with it because I would have to read all of the Old Testament. I have always had a hard time going back and reading that part of the Bible. Honestly though... I am finding it to be the most enjoyable part! The stories! The drama! The backstabbing, lies and murder! It's all pretty crazy.

My Pastor has been taking us through the Old Testament characters over the past few months. It's been exciting because he is talking about things almost right as I read them. (Is God cool like that or what!) It's really bringing the stories to life and helping me see them through different eyes. One thing Pastor keeps saying that I find interesting is "If I was God I would have left that story about my family out. I would have just told the good parts. But He isn't hiding anything. God is putting it all in so that we can learn from it."

I am really enjoying learning the Old Testament stories, the characters and the lessons. It's been fun.

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