Friday, May 22, 2009

Bible Study

Last night was the first time meeting with some friends for our new Bible Study. We are doing For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhanh.

I came across this study while in another Bible Study... and that church was kind enough to hook me up with their DVD's so we really do get to do the whole study without having to pay the $200 to get the videos!

There is only four of us in this group and I think I am going to like it that way. A lot of my friendships often seem to always stay on the surface and I wanted to make a nice little group so that we would feel safer opening up and sharing deeper things about our lives.

We had great conversation last night and I am absolutely positive that all four of us are going to be greatly challenged in this study to be better women... better wives. I'm looking forward to all that God is going to show me in my life and the changes that will come with it. I know it won't be easy... but it will be worth it.

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