Friday, May 15, 2009

Date Night!

What would we do if we didn't have Michael's family close by!!???! We would never get to go on dates... that's for certain. They are sooo much help with watching the kids and giving us breaks from being Mommy and Daddy... we appreciate it SO MUCH because the time that we get to just be Mike and Laura is a precious gift that I will never take for granted.

It was a GORGEOUS day today so we decided to go on an outside date. We picked up some subs from Subway, dropped the kids off and headed to McConnells Mill State Park. We love going there... it's a beatiful park with a variety of hiking trails.

We stopped at our favorite picnic spot... it's nothing special... just a picnic bench on the side of the road. We like to go there though because that way we feel more alone. Sure a car will drive by every now and then but there aren't families playing in the playground or at the picnic table just a few yards away. We have had some good laughs at this picnic table.

We like to try to take fun pictures of ourselves. With no one around we can act like no one is around and get some fun pictures. It's just a silly thing we do and we make lots of faces and get some really ridiculous pictures... and it gives us a good laugh... plus we always end up with a few nice ones too.

After our dinner and our little photo shoot we packed up the car and drove to one of our favorite trails. It's a beautiful drive this time of year when the sun is shining and everything is freshly green.

We decided to take the trail that we always take when we have the kids. (We take the kids on this one because it is short and easy, flat walking.) It's called Hells Hollow and there are some really beautiful spots along the trail and it ends at a little waterfall. When we take the kids we don't really get to enjoy the waterfall because it's a bit tricky getting the kids down to it... and of course they aren't too good at walking across the stream on a log either. But Mike and I got to enjoy it this time and the trail was really empty. It was a great little hike.

When we were done with the hike we stopped by the old mill and took some more pictures. (We went a little crazy with the camera... taking almost 400 pictures during the night... it's just our geeky way of adding some fun. I love my camera.)

And then we decided we needed to finish the night off with some ice cream. We stopped at a place on the way home that we hadn't been to before. They told us a scoop was about the size of a baseball... so I got two. Turns out they were more like a grapefruit! The cones got so big and were falling over that they put them in bowls for us. We were going to eat them in the car on the way to get the kids... but we had to actually sit down to eat them. The ice cream was soooo good and I will definitely go back to that place again... but next time I think I will go with only one scoop.

(Thank you sooo much Nancy and Ariel for giving us the time to get out without the kids!)

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