Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoying the morning.

I love visiting with my family because everyone is so great about helping out with the kids. I also get outside more because I love the neighborhood and sometimes it is just easier to be outside when you are at someone else's house. (Although I have to say that my mom does and AWESOME job of making the house kid friendly when we come.)

This morning we got outside to take a walk when the morning was still fresh. The kids are OBSESSED with flowers! Liza seemed to stop to pick every flower along the way and ended up with a good handful... which she left laying on the table to die while she forgot about them. They were in the garbage by the afternoon.

Jason loves to wander so taking a walk is a good thing for him. But he was sooo tired today. I think he got tired of walking, spotted a patch of flowers and decided to just sit down with them. He tried to pick some but had a hard time so he just kept pointing and saying "fwower".

My kids are so tired because they aren't getting as much sleep. Jason almost falls asleep with everything we do. I kind of like it though because he just snuggles up on me and I get a bunch of good cuddle time.

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