Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am in St. Marys, PA for a few days visiting with my family. It is only two hours from where I live now but we don't make it out too often. However... any time one of my brothers or sisters comes in to town we make sure to get here too.

My little sister Lisa and her boyfriend Jeff are visiting from Florida for the week so me and the kids will be here for a few days.

Anytime I come to Mom and Dad's house with the kids there are some things that must happen.... first Dad has to remind the kids that if they shake this one part of the exercise machine that it makes this annoying (I mean fun!) squeaky sound. The kids LOVE it. They will shake it and smile all day. The thing is..... Dad gets to go to work and doesn't have to listen to it!

Liza always has to search out something of Grandma's to play with. Grandma Ann has all kinds of fun things laying around that I don't have in my house. Liza wants them all. Thankfully this time she settled for a fake flower.

My parents have a nice yard and the kids enjoy being outside... actually I think we all enjoy it. It was a beautiful day and their grass is soo nice. (Mine is mostly dead.) I enjoyed just laying the cool grass while the kids ran around. Jason found this ball and I think he is in love with it. He carried it around all night (and found it again this morning) and he is telling everyone he has a ball.

We ended the night sitting around the fire, enjoying each other's company. It's not often that we get a few people in my family together at the same time. I have two sisters in Florida and a brother in Texas. I have a brother that is still at home and one that lives an hour from home. We are spreading out which is too bad because we always have so much fun when we are together.

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