Sunday, May 10, 2009


Over the past week I have been teaching Liza all about flowers. We talk about flowers, look for flowers, stop to smell the flowers, draw and color flowers. Everything flowers. Liza really seems to be enjoying learning. She learned the a flower has a stem and leaves and petals. We also like to count the petals on the flowers that we draw.

I got a lot of the ideas from Preschool Express and then just built on them.

One day we made flowers using paper baking cups. We just flattened them out a bit and glued them on popsicle sticks and then glued on some leaves. It was a great way to talk about the different parts of the flower. Liza carried them around for a while, smelling them often... and then eventually ripped them all apart. It's what she does with everything haha.

We tried to include Jason but he just ate the paper.

I bought some seeds so that we could actually plant some real flowers. I had been talking to Liza about what plants need to grow and if you ask her she will tell you "plants need dirt, water and sunnyshine!" She's awesome.

So we got some dirt and filled up some plastic cups. I showed her the seeds and told her how we need to water them and take care of them because that is what a flower comes from. They are on the porch to get some sun and Liza is going to water them and help take care of them. (A sippy cup without the plug in it works really great for a little watering "can".)

Liza had a great time making her flower hat! Using glue is a new thing for her and she has been enjoying it. Grandma Ann was out to visit and helped Liza make her hat.

Then we took some time to color because Liza wasn't ready to be done. Jason tries to color a little but he still gets bored kind of fast. We were drawing flowers and Liza was counting their petals. She loves to count. (Don't worry! I'm not forcing her to sit down and have "school". The kids just loves to learn and we are just adding it to our play.)

We've been having a lot of fun with flowers. Jason is even learning about them a little bit... he runs around the backyard pointing at all the dandelions saying "fower! fower!" It's nice to have some things to do other than coloring and reading books. The website above has been a huge help in giving simple ideas that follow a theme.

And today is Mother's Day and Liza got some flowers at church to bring home for me.... so we got to plant those in to a pot and put them on the porch where we can see them everyday.

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