Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love having two.

Having two kids is so much fun. Sure it has it's moments that aren't.... like when Liza taught Jason to put his foot on the table while eating... or when she taught him to put his plate on his head after eating and call it a hat. But there is so much amusement and joy in this house because of my favorite girl and favorite boy.

Liza and Jason are sooo stinkin cute together that it often makes my heart almost burst. They learn so much from each other.

One day Liza handed something to Jason and he said "kank you" and Liza returned with a "you welcome!"

They look out for each other sharing snacks and drinks and making sure they each have a toy. Although it often goes the other way as well when they are stealing things from each other. But it still cracks me up to watch them.

I love singing songs with them... like The Wheels on the Bus. That song should have become very annoying to me a looong time ago because we sing it so often. But the kids are so cute with that song that I find myself singing it at least a few times every day. Jason even asks for it by coming up to me and making his hands go round and round. My heart smiles just thinking about his cuteness.

There are certainly times that are pretty frustrating initially but after they are over I sit back and think how funny they really are. Like Liza has learned to wrap her arms around Jason and pick him up. He hates it. She also likes to put her hands on his back and push him around saying "I a twain!" Jason hates that too. But Liza really hates when she is trying to watch a movie and Jason keeps turning the TV off. I often find myself thinking "Good boy Jason! Way to get her back!" I am waiting for the day when Jason turns around and punches Liza.... and she will deserve it haha.

Every day has it's stories and I try so hard to hang on to as many memories as I can. I know they will fade over time and that is why I write some down and take a gazillion pictures. I don't want to forget these precious times.

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