Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lesson learned

I've been working with the kids on their boundaries in the back yard. It's tough when there is no fence to help... just wide open spaces.

The other day Liza was venturing toward the side of the house and I kept telling her not to go there (because she runs around the side and down the driveway and Jason is left sitting by himself in the backyard while I chase her... grr!) I always tell her if she doesn't listen that she is going to have to go inside and go in her bed. I know... I'm a mean mom haha.

And of course it happened... she took off around the house. I chased her down, put her under my arm kicking and screaming and brought her to the back yard... where I had to then pick Jason up under my other arm and he started kicking and screaming as well because he didn't want to go in yet. It was fun. But Liza remembered it.

We were outside today and Liza listened sooo good. Didn't even go close to the side yard. But Jason... he started walking that way, checking things out. I would call his name and tell him no. He was listening pretty good. But one time he kept going a little bit and I said "Jason!" and then I hear Liza say "You want ta go inside and go ta bed!"

Good girl haha. It's always funny to hear the things I say come out of her mouth.

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