Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liza's Class

I signed Liza up for a little class at the YMCA. It only meets for a half hour once a week but that is long enough. :)

The purpose of the class is to help kids learn about personal space. All the moms sit along the wall and watch as the teacher has the kids do all kinds of different things... under, over, forward, backward, jumping, crawling, fast and slow as well as other things.

Liza is always super cute to watch. She's kind of silly... always hanging out a few feet behind the rest of the group. She isn't like all the other kids that want to sit as close to the teacher as they can. Maybe she will be like that after going a few more weeks... or months.

And she doesn't always join in and do what she is supposed to do. (As you can see in the picture below!) She just watches. Observes. And sometimes looks at everyone like they are just so silly.

This week they got some little scooters out... Liza had a hard time with them and was a little slow. It was cute though and she got lots of attention from the class assistant.

She was always the last one to finish on the scooters... but as soon as the teacher told them to do the dinosaur walk Liza took off and didn't look back. Finally something she was good at!

Liza's turn at hopscotch.

Here she is not really listening. She was supposed to be laying on the floor like the rest of the kids but she just didn't seem to care. It was actually pretty cute.

I think Liza enjoys her class. Whenever I tell her it is almost the day for her class she gets all excited and starts doing all the little things she is learning. I think I will keep signing her up for a while. It's good for her to have to listen to a teacher and learn to find her place in a crowd.

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