Monday, May 11, 2009

Mind your own business

I am still reading the book 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life by Joyce Meyer for my book group. I am almost finished with it and I have really enjoyed all the practical advice given throughout the book. I have a lot to work on. Some things are already in progress and others are on the list. (No need to overwhelm myself with trying to fix everything at once.)

One way to simplify my life that I am working on is MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS. Meyer says "Needing to express an opinion about almost everything and everyone is a symptom of pride and always leads to relationship problems." I never really thought about it that way. I don't always express all the thoughts and opinions that come in to my mind... but like a lot of people... they are quite often there. I am working on changing this... minding my own business... not needing to care and have an opinion about what others do with their time and life.

I prayed and asked God to help me be aware when I am slipping back in to this. A lot of times I do things and don't even realize that I am doing them. But God is working on me and changing me.

The other day I was sitting in Panera and I saw a women who had hair from the 80s. I started forming opinions in my mind when I realized that it didn't matter. It wasn't my business. I didn't need to care about it. Anyways... it's not like I have amazing hair and great fashion. And I am sure that many people have made something about the way I look their business at one time or another.

Anyways... that is just one example of how God has been bringing to my attention things that just don't matter. Things that don't need to be thought about. Things that aren't my business. It's funny how ever since I prayed about it a thought will start to form in my head and I will just hear that still, small voice say "that's not your business."

God is good. :)

In the book Joyce Meyer says "too often we have opinions about things that really don't concern us at all." If you are like me and struggle with this I challenge you to ask God to help you too. Let Him change your life.

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