Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It seems that Jason all of a sudden made the connection that everything has a name or sound (or both) and he can learn them and use them to communicate with us. He's talking a lot more and learning new words or sounds every day.

His current favorite word and thing is "shoe". He gets all excited about shoes. When I get him dressed and pull out the shoes he sticks his little feet toward me and repeats over and over "shoe! shoe! shoe!" He points to my shoes and says "shoe". He pulls them all out of the closet and carries them around saying "shoe". All day. Every day. He loves shoes.

Jason is learning a lot of animals. He does tiger, dinosaur, monkey, duck, dog, kitty, horse. My mom also taught him over the weekend when she was here to say yee haw when he rides the little rocking horse. Although it sounds more like "wee haw!" His new favorite animal is cow. There is a little toy cow somewhere in this house and Jason has been finding it and when he does he comes to show me and does his best little "mooo".

I think the biggest surprise of all came today. I don't know how he learned it... maybe just from the toy saying it.... but we were at the fridge with all the letter magnets and he points to the letter O and says "O". I thought I saw him carrying around the O yesterday and saying it but I wasn't sure. Today he did it on purpose to show me.

I love Jason. He amazes me every day and makes my heart so happy!

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