Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playing Outside

The kids absolutely LOVE playing outside. I'm so thankful that we actually have a bit of a yard that they can play in. Most houses on my street don't have yards.... they have hills that drop off or just a bunch of trees.... we actually have some open space to run and play.

It amuses me how serious Liza can get when playing in her sandbox. She hasn't thrown the sand for a while now... hopefully we are over that phase of discovery. Of course when other kids come over this week and discover how fun sand is to throw I am sure Liza will jump right in and follow their lead.

Jason always grabs a truck or boat from the sandbox to carry around. He really hangs on to things and doesn't let go until he is good and ready to.

My mom and dad came out to visit a few days ago and while we were playing outback they helped Jason learn how to do the slide on his own. Sometimes he still needs a little help and today Liza decided to help him out. She pretty much just stood there with her hand on his back... but it was REALLY cute. I love when they get along instead of fighting and taking things from each other.

Jason has also learned what a flower is. And right now there are TONS of dandelions right now and Jason was just walking around pointing at them saying "fower!" He gets pretty excited about it. He also though the green weed was a flower today.

Now that it has been nicer out we do try to get outside most days. The kids love it and I love watching them.

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