Friday, May 15, 2009


I am still REALLY glad that I bought this sand/water toy. It makes it easy to take the kids outside because instead of running in two different directions they just stand and play for a while. And it only takes them about two minutes to get completely soaked from splashing around in the little bit of water that there is... but they love it.

Liza is really in to picking all the flowers in the yard. She just casually walks around, stopping to pick any flower she sees, and then continues on. She will carry the handful of flowers around... maybe plant a few in her sandbox like Papa Mike taught her.... and then when it is time to come in she will grab them all up and tell me that they need to go in some water. I often have a cup full of dandelions sitting in my kitchen.

Liza is getting really good at blowing bubbles. Jason like to carry the bubble sticks around and sometimes he gives them a lick and that is when he remembers that they don't taste very well. He was watching Liza very closely today and was imitating the blowing. Maybe he will be able to blow bubbles soon.

I just had to throw this picture in because she's so pretty!

This is by far my favorite garage sale purchase of the year so far. I've been hoping and hoping to find a huge tonka dump truck and of course I didn't want to have to pay full price. I found this one a week ago for $2!!! That's a steal! And it looked like it had never made it any further than the person's garage. It was sooo clean and not scratched or anything. I didn't realize exactly how huge it was until Liza decided she needed to take a rest and climbed in haha.

Jason kept saying "vrrooom vrroooom!"

And... they like being pushed down the hill in this truck... really... they did ride down the hill haha.

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