Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was hoping to get Liza signed up for some kind of preschool in the fall. She is sooo in to learning it's ridiculous. Plus I thought it would be nice for her to learn to listen to someone besides me. (We do get a little bit of that with swim lessons and gymnastics.) I also thought it would give me some nice time with just Jason... which I never really get.

Problem is that the kids have to be 3 by September 1 and Liza will only turn 3 on September 22. So I guess we have to wait another year.

However... since she is so in to learning new things and picking them up really fast I would like to keep finding new things to teach her.

She already knows her ABC's and can recognize almost all of them. She also can count from 1-10 and recognizes all of those. We are working on 11-20. She knows her shapes and colors and animals.

So my question is for those of you who have or have had a kid in preschool.... what else do they learn? What kinds of activities do they do? And do you know of any good online resources that I could check out.

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