Friday, May 1, 2009

Rainy day and Garage sales

I love rainy Fridays and Saturdays because that means Mike stays home from work and I get to go to garage sales without having to drag two kids along.

I went this morning and found a lot of really great deals and got things I would have eventually bought anyways. Mostly I just buy stuff for the kids.... clothes and toys. I try to buy ahead for the next year. I do my Christmas shopping and buy their birthday gifts at garage sales. It saves me a TON of money and they never know the difference. They have REALLY great toys and clothes.

While I love going to garage sales some just really frustrate me. The prices that people put on things can get a bit ridiculous. While I love when people sell clothes for 25-50 cents I will pay up to a dollar... maybe two or more for an outfit. I know that might make me sound cheap but I am not going to pay $5 for a pair of size 2T jeans because I know if I wait till next week or the one after I will find some for 50 cents. Or how about the little Steeler outfit I saw.... nothing special about it... just a onesie and a pair of sweats... not worn by Troy Palumalu's kid or anything... and they wanted $8. Not even gonna look at the rest of that rack! I found Liza's Steeler cheerleader outfit last year for 75 cents! Just gonna keep on looking.

Another thing that bothers me.... VHS tapes. They are pretty much a thing of the past now.... kind of like cassette tapes. But people want $3 dollars for them! Usually when I see prices like that I just turn around and leave and find another sale.

Today I got a Walmart bag full of clothes for Liza... stuffed... for $5. Old Navy clothes! That's cheap! I got a cute little doctor set for the kids... I've been wanting one for a while now. Just waiting to find it cheap. Some play tools for Jason... lots of them. Cookbooks! Pampered Chef, Panera Bread and two slow cooker. I need new recipes! Lots of books and toys and two rubbermaid bins (which I was going to go out and buy some today!!) for only a buck a piece. Then I sent Mike back to one where I had seen car ramps. He always has to borrow his dads but now he has his own set.

Bargains! I love them! I've learned to be careful and only buy what I need and will use. I don't come home with junk. And I really don't spend a lot of money... I save. And I have learned to wait. I know that when I need something that it is likely someone else will be getting rid of it soon. So I wait... and I look... and I usually get an awesome deal. It's kind of like a game for me and I find it exciting. You would be surprised at how long I can wait for something I really want haha.

If you haven't tried garage sales before... you really should! It's amazing what kinds of things you can find for a quater or two!

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