Friday, May 1, 2009


I really enjoy making scrapbooks. I've always been big on keeping memories and I like organization and being crafty so it all kind of goes together for me. Shortly before Jason was born I realized that if my friends pretty much always got together and always brought the kids along. I wanted to have a reason to get together with friends without the kids. So I started a scrap night. We meet once a month at Panera Bread and scrap for two hours. It's not nearly enough time but it helps me keep up and I always enjoy visiting with my friends. Our only rule is that you can NOT bring your kids. I told them I was serious and that if they brought a kid with them I would ask them to leave. I know that sounds harsh but the whole point of it was to have a break from the kids and just be ourselves and not "Mom".

Anyways... we've been meeting for over a year now. :) I just finished another album. My cousin got married I think last May. I took pictures for them since they didn't have a photographer. And then I decided I wanted to scrap them because I didn't have another book to work on until Jason had turned one. I really like how this scrapbook turned out and I hope they love it.

My next book will be of Jason's first year. I do the ABC's because I have WAY too many pics to scrap them all. So it will be A for Arrival, B for Bath Time, C for Christmas, etc. I'll be starting that on Sunday... it's National Scrapping Day!

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