Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another trip to the zoo.

We FINALLY got back to the zoo. I am really determined to get there at least a few times this year since we spent the money to get a family membership.

It was warm out so a lot of the animals were hiding in the shade... but we did get to see a lot. Liza is getting strange about things and was afraid of a lot of the animals and insisted on staying in the stroller for a while. Toward the end though I wasn't able to get her back in.

The Safari display was having some work done on it so the elephants were inside today. At first I was bummed but it actually worked out a little bit better for Liza and Jason because the elephants were much closer to us.

Jason really enjoyed the bear. He did some good growling for us.

Jason got completely exhausted just after lunch and was pretty fussy.... but he gets like that when he wears himself out. It wasn't horrible though. Thankfully my friend Mindy came along to help me out. (The deal is that if you come along and help me with the kids you get one of my guest passes and don't have to pay... let me know if you are in the area and want to come to the zoo with us sometime!)

Mindy was a HUGE help and she is great with kids. Seriously... she can come along to anything with me and the kids. I would have never been able to do the zoo trip on my own... well I could have but I would have been miserable.

Liza had a blast. Jason learned some new animals. And I enjoyed doing something different than I do any other day. It was a successful trip.

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