Monday, June 29, 2009


We got invited to a cookout Sunday evening and we had such a great time! I've been meeting some new friends and then they bring some of their other friends around and I keep getting to meet new people!

The food was good. The company was great. And the kids all had a blast running around the HUGE yard.

I bought a plastic picnic table last summer and it is so convenient because it folds up flat. So when we go to things like picnics and cookouts we sometimes just throw it in the van. It almost guarantees that the kids will sit still and eat. And when they aren't eating they like to stand on it and jump off while saying "stick it!" (Stick it is something that they taught Liza to do in gymnastics when she jumps off the balance beam... she taught Jason.)

Liza saw a little bunny.

I wish that Liza would learn to sit still and look at me for just two seconds so I could get a cute photo of her. I often come home from things like this with great pictures of every one else's kids but I can't seem to get one of either of mine. (I don't post the pics of other kids because I haven't asked the parents if they mind. I should get around to asking because I have some super cute photos!)

Yay for friends and good times!

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