Monday, June 22, 2009

Counting down...

39 days until I get an entire weekend without the kids.

I know some people might read a statement like that and think things like "why would someone have kids if they were just going to count down to when they could get away from them?" To that I say get over it haha. Everyone needs breaks. I am with my kids all day every day. I need time away from them to get refreshed. And not just an hour or two here and there... but an extended time. It's healthy.

But more than getting a break from the kids.... I need some good extended quality time with Michael.

My parents are going to keep the kids for a weekend and I think Mike and I are just going to come back home. Whenever we are in a hotel we never sleep in or sleep well. So we will just sleep in our own bed and do some day trips.

For this to work well I need to get a lot of my cleaning "projects" done before then... this will hopefully be a good motivator. What are these projects?

Clean the laundry room.
Finish cleaning the basement.
Sort through the kids toys and put some away.
Clean the kitchen cupboards out.

Those are the big ones. It's doable. I know that the more I get done the more I will be able to relax. It's stuff I have been wanting to get done anyways and it is nice to have a deadline.

39 days! Can't wait!

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