Monday, June 29, 2009

Family date at Moraine Lake

We made Saturday family day and spent the evening at Moraine State Park swimming and picnicking. I used to go to the lake to swim at least a few times each summer but it has become a lot harder to get there since having kids. I can't go unless someone helps me and Mike is usually only home on rainy days. Just hasn't worked out much. BUT... since Mike had off and it was sunny we decided to get to it and make it happen.

Jason was hesitant at first... as usual. However after a few splashes and some time to get used to his floaty he did awesome. He also enjoyed just walking in the water.

Liza was super brave. She took her tube... she didn't even really know what it did since it was her first time using it.... but she just put it on and walked in to the water and then just kept going and going and going until she could no longer reach. At first she was a little nervous and wanted to hold my had but by the end she was doing it all by herself and spinning in circles and having a blast.

After swimming for a while, when we all started to shiver a little, we got out and played in the sand. The sand wasn't very nice but the kids enjoyed using their shovels and buckets.

We did a little bit more swimming to get the sand off and then had a little picnic. Liza loooves picnics. Wants to have one all the time. And it amazes me how my kids just sit on the blanket and eat until their food is gone.

Me and Liza were checking out some sailboats that were near. She liked how the sails looked like a rainbow.

We didn't do much more swimming because the kids started shivering almost immediately. So we just enjoyed sitting at the edge of the water making some splashes for a while.

I love my family SOO MUCH! I had a really great time just playing with them all and I hope to be able to have a lot more times at the lake this summer.

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