Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeding the Fish

We are still in St. Marys and always trying to come up with something little to do with the kids. My mom loves hanging out with them and is always thinking.

Today we went to the Sportsman's Club to feed the fish. There is a pond with fish and ducks and things to put a nickle, dime or quarter in to get some food.

Liza thought it was pretty great. She sat on the dock tossing in the fish food and watching the fish go crazy for it.

After a while we spotted the ducks coming to the water. I was trying to show them to Jason. Poor kid is sooo tired. But he loved the ducks. We headed over to where they were and he pointed and quacked. He's such a cute kid!

We fed the ducks a little bit and then they headed for the area with the dock and where the fish were hanging out... so we followed them and got some more food... at a nickel for a handful you could stay all day!

It was a fun, cheap thing to do... and if you know me at all you know that the cheaper it is the more fun it is! The only problem was that the fish food really smelled like fish and it took all day to get the smell off our hands! Yuck.

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