Monday, June 8, 2009

Goodbye Sugar

Confession: I'm addicted to sugar.

No. Really I am. I can't have just a bite. Or just one cookie. You bring dessert in to this house and I will eat it until it is gone. Something I do quite often is buy a large bag of peanut M&Ms and eat them all by myself in a day and a half. (It's my comfort food.) And once I start eating the sweets I have a hard time stopping... and it shows in my weight.

It's a real problem for me.

Before I got pregnant with Liza I quit eating sugar... for nine months. I lost a lot of weight and I felt great. Then I got pregnant and NEEDED that ice cream. I've quit sugar a few times for a short while since then but I have a hard time sticking with it... because it's an addiction and I always want to go back to it. Plus it is just sooo yummy.

But it is bad for me. And I have no self control with it. It's all or none... and once again I am going for none.

Today I quit sugar. You may laugh at me but I intend to stick with it. My sister has the same problem as I do... so she is quitting too. However she lives in Florida so it makes accountability and support a bit tricky.

We made a deal.... I've done this with Mike before and it worked well while we did it. What is that deal? Anytime one of us has sugar we have to send the other a dollar. Doesn't sound like a big deal... but believe me... IT IS!! One cookie costs one dollar.... ten cookies at a picnic will cost ten dollars. So even if I give in to one it will make me reconsider eating the whole tray. :) And I should mention that both my sister and I are pretty stubborn and competitive... neither of us wants to lose first. That will be the main driving force for us I think.

And for me a dollar really is a big deal. We follow Dave Ramsey's budget ideas and I get $25 of blow money every month... money to spend however I want. It's not much but it almost always seems to last. However... if I ate too many sweets I would be losing that money to my sister really fast.

So this is a good system for me. A little bit of competition. Loss of money as the consequence. Good health and hopefully the loss of a few pounds the reward.

We made a deal to continue with this through January 2. Why the 2? So we can't pig out when it turns midnight on New Years Eve and undo all our hard work. Hopefully by then I will have some new habits formed and some self discipline again anyways.

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