Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grandpa's Butterflies

My Grandpa Undercoffer collected butterflies and the collection is pretty big with lots of variety. When I was younger I always enjoyed going up and looking through all the drawers of butterflies. There are so many different ones and so many colors. It's a rare thing. :)

I needed something to do to waste some time before naps one day while in St. Marys so I took the kids to see Grandma Jean and get a key to the house. She surprised us by leaving work and coming with us.

Jason didn't really get it but Liza had a great time pulling out all the different drawers and telling me colors that she saw. The drawer with big bugs was pretty fascinating too.

Grandpa passed away when I was pregnant with Liza so my kids will never know him. But they will know his butterflies.

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