Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life without sugar.

It's tough. I didn't realize how much of a habit it had become for me to have sugar and sweets until I quit.

One day I was shopping at a mall and saw a candy store and started to walk in... only to remember (duh!) that I had made a deal with my sister to quit eating sugar.

The funny thing is that I almost walked in to a second candy store in the mall that day! Geez.

One night I had a dream that I was sitting at a table eating... at a picnic or something... and didn't realize I was eating a cookie until I was half way through. Then I was all like "OH NO! I'm going to have to send Lisa a dollar. Oh well... might as well finish the cookie."

The other night my Bible study met at my house. Someone always takes a turn bringing food and my friend brought some brownie things. I didn't eat any. Go me! I did save one for Mike and when I moved it a nice sized crumb fell off and I was about to eat it when I realized it would cost me a dollar!

It's all habit. I have to change my way of thinking. It's ridiculous!

I do think that I am finally getting past some of the cravings. I do still want sweet but fruit seems to be working. In another week or two I should be ok. The need for sugar is getting less and less every day.

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