Sunday, June 21, 2009

My husband ROCKS at this dad thing!

Today is Father's Day and I just want to say that Liza and Jason are the two luckiest kids in the world!!! They have such an amazing daddy that LOOOVES to be with them. Michael is so great with the kids... from day one. He changes diapers, knows how to pack a diaper bag, feeds them, plays with them, and loves them well. He is a hands on dad and he is good at it!

I bought some special shirts for the kids to wear today. Liza's says "Daddy's lil' cutie" and Jason's says "son of superdad". It was a fun little way to let everyone at church know that their daddy is awesome.

One of my favorite things is watching Mike play with the kids. There is always lots of laughter and giggles. The kids love for him shows.

Michael loves all of us so much and he works so hard to give us a good life.
I am so proud to be married to Michael and have him be the father of my children.

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