Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picnic and a Hike

There are plenty of nice places to go as a family around here if you are willing to drive a half hour. One of our favorite places is McConnells Mill State Park. There are a few trails that are easy to do with the kids and there is plenty of space for picnics and play.

Mike's mom, dad and sister caught up with us and visited while we ate and then played at the park with the kids for a while. Liza and Jason love their Grandparents... and of course they love their Aunt Ariel too. And I love having extra people around that enjoy playing with the kids. :)

We decided to take the same trail that we always take. It's short and super flat... therefore being easy for the kids. Liza was all excited and kept saying "I takin a hike!" in her high pitched little girly voice. I love it!

Jason is always on a mission. You let him down to walk and he just keeps going and going. He loves to walk and is becoming more and more independent by the day. He wanted to stop at every green thing... and as you see in the pictures EVERYTHING was green... but Jason is obsessed with flowers and anything green and outdoors is a flower to him. He was running from side to side on the trail, pointing and saying "fwower!"

There are a few benches along the trail and Jason would walk up to them and say "sit". Then he would insist on sitting on the bench for two seconds. And of course, anything that Jason does, Liza has to do it too.

Liza always has a lot of energy and it takes more than a short hike to wear her down. But Jason... he definitely wore himself out. And when he gets tired he doesn't cope as well. He gets his mind set on walking one way and he never wants to turn around. We tried to convince him to do it on his own... but as you can see from the photo below Mike had to help him out and Jason wasn't very happy!

I really enjoy getting out with my family. I wish Mike had more days off during the summer! But we make do with what time we have. I am so blessed to have a husband who pitches in with the kids and is involved. And I am blessed to have two wonderful kids that are so much fun to be around.

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