Thursday, June 4, 2009

The sweetest girl in the world.

We drove home from my parent's last night. It's a long two hour drive and we didn't leave until about 7:00. We were tired.

Jason annoyed my by saying duck or quacking for about a half hour straight. No joke. I bought him a little rubber ducky and he held on to it and was so excited and just wouldn't stop. Then he followed that by about a half hour of crying because he was sooo exhausted. Finally he fell asleep.

I was hoping that Liza would sleep too but she didn't. Instead we talked a bit and sang some songs. We were about twenty minutes from home and this was our conversation....

Me: I can't wait to see Daddy Liza. Do you miss him?
Liza: I miss Daddy!
Me: You have a great Daddy! You're a lucky girl Liza!!
Liza: Thank you.

There was a pause in the conversation and then in the sweetest little voice ever Liza says...

"Thanks for goin ta mrama's."

(Mrama is how she says Grandma)

That one little unprompted statement made everything worth it.... the stress of having two small kids at someone else's house, the long ride, and the 6am mornings.

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