Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming in our little plastic pool

I finally got around to cleaning up our little plastic pool and getting it out for the kids. I figure it would be too difficult for me to take them by myself to a pool or the lake so we will be spending lots of time swimming in our backyard this summer.

We swam after lunch and Jason was real hesitant. Actually if I let him go he cried. If I sat him down he cried. If I splashed him too much he cried. Funny though that when Liza dumped a bucket of water on his head he didn't seem to care. I think maybe he was just too shocked!

We swam again after dinner and we called over our friends that live across the road to join us. Ava is Liza's best bud and it's super convenient that they are only a two second walk away.

The girls found it amusing to dump water on their heads. Jason was a little freaked out and just stood at the edge of the pool for a long time. At least he didn't cry if I wasn't in there this time. Progress!

Jason still wasn't sure.

But eventually he started to get a little bit braver and tried out some splashing until he FINALLY kind of sat down and actually got himself wet.

Hopefully next time we go out Jason is able to remember that the water isn't so bad and he can actually have some fun in it.

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