Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water Fun

The kids and I got invited to a play date today. The weather is beautiful so Liza and Jason got to do a little swimming after lunch. The water was warm and there was plenty to do.

Liza loooves getting to play with her friends. I always tell her what we will be doing the day before and she gets so excited naming all her friends she is going to see and asking me about it all night and all morning until we get to go.

Liza had a great time in the water making splashes and filling up buckets.

Jason did a little bit of splashing as the pools were being filled up. I thought he would love it when we got his swimsuit on him because he loves splashing and getting a bath... but he wouldn't go in the water. :(

Eventually I think he just got really tired and started crying.... so I got to spend my time holding him. I have to admit I do love the hugs and cuddling... but sometimes I would love it if he would just play too so that I could have my hands free. But he's cute... so I deal with it. :)

Toward the end of our time there my friend's husband made a little slip and slide for the kids. Did Liza LOVE that! She got a little crazy. She wouldn't wait her turn... she would just run back up the hill and run onto the plastic... which made her feet slip out from under her and she would hit the ground and go down the little hill all kinds of crazy ways... but she laughed and loved it like that.

I am so thankful for the good friends that we do have. And it's even better that so many of them have kids the same age as mine.

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