Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey Jason...

Where is your nose?

Where are your eyes?

Where is your mouth?

Where are your ears?

Where is your hair?

Where is your belly?

Where are your feet?

Where are your hands?

Where is your tongue?

My baby is 17 months today!! I love Jason sooo much. He brings so much joy to my life... and everyone else's. Whenever I pick him up from child care at the gym or the nursery at church the workers are always saying how much they enjoyed him, how much he smiles, commenting on how much personality he has. He is just growing up. And sometimes I have to remind myself that he is ONLY 17 months. Some days he seems much older... maybe that is because he is watching Liza and doing every thing she does. And he is talking a ton. Learning new words all the time. And his little sign language... too cute! (That's another blog.)

As much as I would love for Jason to stay little... to stay this age... I can't wait to see what he is learning and doing tomorrow!

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