Thursday, July 9, 2009

I can dream right?

Last November... right around Thanksgiving I bought a Canon Rebel XS. It's my third baby. I love it and I use it (almost) every day. The problem is that there is always something new that I want to buy for it. And I want it all NOW. Of course because of prices I can't do that. I have to spread it out. But I can dream right?

I have two lenses.... 18-55mm and 75-300mm. The zoom lens does not have image stabilization so if the light is not bright enough and I don't have a tripod it's kind of pointless. And it's not like I am going to set up a tripod to shoot my kids playing in the backyard. So I mostly use m 18-55... which usually does the job but then when I want to do a photo shoot for someone I practically have to be on top of them to get some of the shots I like best.

I spent some time yesterday browsing different lenses online. Checking prices and finding out what it is that I want. I think I would like to have this one...

It's 55-250 with image stabilization. It's not my first choice (18-200) but it is much more affordable. The 55-250 is only $300 compared to $700 for the other one. I probably won't be getting this any time soon but I like to dream. It would be nice to have NOW because more people are asking me to do photos for them. But I will just continue working with what I have like I have been for the past few months.

Of course if I was certain that I was done having kids, which I almost am, I could have a garage sale and sell off all my baby stuff and make a ton of money. But I'm not yet 100% sure. Only about 85% sure haha. So I need to hang on to my stuff a little bit longer. Just in case. But it would be nice to have an easy way to make a quick $300. I guess I will have to save up my birthday and Christmas money.

Anyways... If you have this lens or something equivalent for your brand let me know how you like it... or don't like it.

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