Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's worth it.

I don't remember when I stopped eating sugar. It's been a while now. At first is was sooo hard. But not so much now.

I've had plenty of opportunities to have a piece of cake or candy or a cookie... but never gave in. And it feels good. I finally have some power over food!

The best thing about it though... sugar was a huge part of my calories and since I stopped eating it I have lost four pounds!! It's been slow coming off but the only thing I really changed was the sugar eating. Of course I have replaced that with more fruit... but no other real change. (I do go to the gym... but I did that before too.)

I am not only three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight! Go me!! Of course Jason is almost a year and a half now so it's about time I get down to it.

Life without sugar isn't so bad. Actually I feel a lot better a lot of the time.

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