Friday, July 10, 2009

Jason... the cutest little boy EVER!

Jason... my favorite baby boy! But he's not really so much a baby anymore. When he hit fifteen months all that babyness seemed to disappear. Gone was the shy little boy that needed to stay close to mommy and wouldn't entertain the strangers.

Now he is 16 1/2 months and so much a little boy. He talks all the time. ALL the time! He has learned so many words in the past two months... most of them things that Liza says all the time... like "MINE!" And his most recent word... "poop". No joke.

A few weeks ago Mike and I were talking about how much fun Jason has become and how much his personality has blossomed and how he is so different now than we thought he would be based on how he had been for so long... and I said "I can't believe he is only 16 months!" and Mike was shocked. He thought for sure that Jason was much older than that haha. He just seems older.

I think one of my favorite things is watching Jason learn to fight back. Liza doesn't get away with so much anymore because now when she takes something from Jason he goes after her swinging haha. It's kind of humorous to watch... for now.

Jason is getting his fang teeth. Those were the worst ones coming in for Liza but so far Jason seems to be handling it pretty well. He's been a little bit more fussy lately... but it's not so bad. And he is DEFINITELY more tired... which means lots of cuddle time for me and I NEED IT this week with all the drama of potty training Liza (which is going amazingly well today!) Anyways... Jason has been so tired that he just lays down and falls asleep... when he is watching a movie or at night... and he falls asleep in the most awkward positions. Here are two pictures from yesterday...

Isn't he just the cutest!!! He really is a sweet sweet boy and he makes everyone smile... and that makes me smile. :)

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